induction motor week

All of the knowledge you need to know about an induction motor:


Induction motors are also known as asynchronous motors.  As electromagnetic induction is converted into the electric field thus it is an AC motor. It can be efficient by up to 97%. Henceforth induction motors are highly efficient electric motors. This is why more of the world is shifting towards the mandatory use of these modern world motors.


By a series of events, different inventors at different pieces of time fabricated different gadgets. They delivered us with commutator free AC and electricity meter.  After a lot of hard work, it was May 1888 when Nikola Tesla introduced this world to a three-phase induction motor. And then began a new era of development of motors.


Induction motors are either single-phase motors or 3 phase motors. Two frequently known types by the virtue of their characteristics are:

  • Wound-type
  • Squirrel cage type


In induction motors, for the production of the magnetic field, poles are present equally in the north and south. Since the term, OPD is used to elaborate its structure of open and drip-proof. Windings remain cool because of the air regulation network from outside to the inside stator windings.

Power influence:

As the load, so shall be the power factor. Whereas the component of power have a margin of improvement if we connect the capacitors. Balancing power factor and minimizing the power losses will also be helpful in economic aspects.


Induction motors are widely used in different aspects of engineering and technicians branch nowadays. They are majorly used in the industrial sector. As well as on small scale like domestic purposes. The list of goods in which we preferably install these upgraded motors includes automobiles, generators, compressors, household appliances, etc.


  • Stable
  • Automated
  • Cost-effective
  • Energy savers


The cost of an induction motor depends on a lot of factors. For instance, how fine the quality of the material is, rpm (revolution per minute) rate, load it can carry, the power you provide, and other things. Although they vary in their price from almost 300 $ to 1000 $. Ranging from 1 hp to 5 hp.


Imminent tomorrow of induction motors is no doubt a whole optimistic and auspicious. There is an observable rising demand for induction motors. And this will eventually increase even more because of the earthy concrete structure. Moreover living in the 21st century, with the worst climatic conditions we cannot ignore the fact that this motor is highly equipped with the atmosphere. Since the structure has cut off the presence of rings and brushes which will eliminate unnecessary friction. Ultimately there will be lesser risks of sparks and explosions. Thus it is entirely safe to operate these machines.

There are a lot of reasons that make it obvious for a boom in the demand for induction motor in near future. Besides the fact, it is efficient and cheap. They run durably even with very little maintenance.