Oil And Gas

Voltonic provides turn-key solutions including data integration with PLC/DCS, software-based analysis for every layer of process monitoring and archiving for later analysis, statistical control, quality assurance and production monitoring for making informed decisions. Voltonic options include:

  • Upgrade / Migration of Obsolete Control Systems
  • Plant Information Management Systems
  • Real-time Performance Management Systems (RtPM)
  • Customised Software Services
  • Process Optimisation (APC/Loop Tuning, feasibility studies, etc.)
  • Operator Training Simulators (Modular UniSimbased solutions)
  • Compressor Retrofits Solutions
  • Alarm Management Systems
  • Portals/Dashboards for Manufacturing

Food and Beverages

Voltonic maintains a staff of food and beverage industry experts in manufacturing process engineering, batching and blending, fermentation, packaging control, line integration, and more to provide state of the art automation and information solutions for food and beverage manufacturing. We help our clients with the challenges that schedule constrained projects and demanding 24X7 support create while maintaining our commitment to the industry and overall knowledge through a continued investment in the latest trends of the market.

  • Rotary Dryer
  • Crystallizer
  • Enzyme Glucose

Sugar & Ethanol

For us, product quality is as important as service efficiency and customer relationships. Voltonic offers the widest range of solutions in electric equipment, automation and coatings for the Sugar & Ethanol industry, combining the experience of a market leader with the technology of a Regional company. Voltonic products & Solutions were designed with a modern concept and high-performance standard, providing the sugar-alcohol applications with low maintenance, high reliability and flexibility.

  • Can Feeding & Mill House Automation & Control
  • FFE Instrumentation & Control Automation
  • Batch Pan Automation
  • Boiler Automation
  • C-Pan Automation
  • Boiling House

Pulp & Paper

Voltonic will be a part of your project delivering high performance products offering energy efficient solutions for your application from the beginning to the end of the production process. With our 24 X 7 services, we aim to ensure your plant will never stop.

Water and Waste Water

The ease of a well-designed and implemented automated system can’t be overstated. Our systems can be tailored to maintain and distribute a high-quality water supply. Voltonic engineers brings the experience to the design and installation of both large and small PLCs and SCADA systems for water treatment and distribution plants.

Chemical And Fertilzer

Chemical processing production requires field expertise and a strong data infrastructure to ensure success and maximize your profitability. Voltonic is familiar with the challenges of asset utilization, regulatory compliance, quality and viability of installed systems. We have the necessary knowledge and skill to overcome these hurdles. Voltonic has always provided accurate and reliable control applications for batching, production, and other manufacturing processes used in creating scientific research products, food/starch ingredients, or other specialty chemicals.


Typically, mines are recognised as being amongst the harshest working environments on the planet. Critical environmental conditions, solid contamination (dust) and severe processes are only some of the challenges present in a mining plant. When adapting an individual solution for the mining industry, Voltonic has the knowledge and expertise to effectively reduce the total site costs and ensure operating reliability.


As a full-service systems integrator, Voltonic excels at the complex designs and operations that power the metals industry. Today’s speciality metals facilities are high-tech and growing operations that provide critical materials for the aerospace, medical and oil industries among others. Employing decades of industry experience, Voltonic’s team delivers skilled controls and process engineering combined with mechanical and electrical installation expertise


With a combination of well-selected and fully proven standards, we offer investment and operating security that provides ultimate functionality for your cement plant. Our integrated portfolio of industry-specific solutions covers everything from power generation, drives, and controllers to data management, measuring and analysis systems as well as services

Power Generation

Energy and sustainability are two commonly linked themes. Increase in both domestic and industrial demand for electricity is having a negative impact on the environment. Power generation through renewable energy sources and more efficient use of energy addresses the need for greater balance of social, economic and environmental demands.

Fiber and Textile

With expertise in the textiles industry, we offer a range of automation and control solutions specifically for fiber and textiles manufacturing and processing that can improve your operation:

  • Flexible manufacturing strategies to manufacture multiple products on a single machine and lower your cost-per-meter
  • Open communication networks enable you to automatically feed data into your business systems to improve product quality
  • Improved production rates for everything from synthetic-fiber spinning and yarn manufacturing to weaving and fabric processing
  • Increased uptime of continuous processes with proven safety systems