Rockwell automation

Rockwell Automation is the incorporation upholding the best tactics in industrial intelligence delivering over the globe.


Rockwell automation is incorporation in the United States of America. It basically deals with industrial manipulative systems, industrial control components, information, and intelligence software, sensing gadgets, industrial safety, and security technologies.

The mission of the company:

The company aims to improve living standards and quality by turning the world into a more productive and sustainable place to live. The company is committed to making every effort for the next generation of smart functioning. With keeping strategy right and faculty talented, the company dedicates to deliver to customers in every possible way with the best quality.


The company follows the path of a digital transformation strategy. That is, in their opinion, the only way to smarter tomorrow. Chiefly, only 16% of industries today are embarked on a digital transformation approach. Also, Rockwell automation prioritizes business over technology.

Facts and figures of Rockwell automation:

Headquarters are present in Milwaukee, Wisconsin America. More than 23,000 people have their occupation at Rockwell automation. Almost 100 companies over the globe have customers for the incorporation. Overall revenue generated by the company in 2019 was estimated at about 6.69 billion US dollars.

Business activities:

There are two basic sections through which the company is operating its systems to date. These segments include:

  • Regulated products and results include motor control services.
  • The program and composition segment contains vital components of this manifestation. For instance; intelligence and information, software, and automation applications.

Maintenance operations:

Rockwell automation has organized systems. These systems vary in designs. Ranging from large bundled components to guard system assimilation projects.


Rockwell Automation has made its reputation on the path to repair and management consultation. Providing remote centers for support and training is also a prominent service.

History and background:

Founder Lynde Bradley laid the foundation of Rockwell automation back in 1903 with a small investment of 1000$ from some other name. The first product delivered by the company was a motor which consisted of carbon compressed disc.

In the early days of the 21st century, “Rockwell international” split into two further companies. Rockwell automation, encompassing the automation division. And Rockwell Collins consisting the avionics department. Nonetheless only Rockwell automation was the legitimate successor of “Rockwell international”. Stepping forward and progressing all the way towards the present date, we see an extremely successful company for the trade of control products and solutions, by and by security intelligence systems.

Kudos and distinctions:

  • Top employer award by diversity jobs in 2020
  • Fast company annual award in 2019
  • Overall IoT company speak through of the year award in 2019

     • World’s most ethical company award in 2019